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[RTD Interview]: Numonics

Numonics is one of those cats who I knew solely from the e-mail blasts he sent out. With me not knowing anyone from Adam, I figured he was just a dope publicist who always sends out hot music from emerging artists (AKA RTD's dream connect). Over the last year or so, I've started seeing his name attached to projects more as a producer... and his beats are GOOD! Nice ear for sampling, as well as sharp original beats, with some great features from the new breed. ANYWAYS, he has a new album dropping (Being Cool Doesn't Pay The Bills) on March 29th, which is sponsored by DJ Booth and IM King. We chatted about how he got to where he is, as well as thoughts on the forthcoming album and the REST of his projects. Hit the jump for the full interview, as well as info on how to win some DOPE gear from IM KING!

khal: Thanks for chatting with us a bit. Before we get into the album, let’s first find out a bit about yourself. Many heads know of you primarily as a producer. When did you first get into producing Hip-Hop? How long had you been into Hip-Hop before you tried your hand at making it?

Numonics: I’ve been producing for about 10 years now. I’ve been an avid listener my entire life (my first cd purchase is Naughty By Nature's first album). Hip-Hop is my true first love musically as it combines elements from all genres of music.

Production wise, I started making Trip-Hop first. Trip-Hop to me is essentially instrumental Hip-Hop, and it was my introduction into sampling. I progressed into making Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop around 2001 or so. Really, I’ve always been obsessed with breaks and chopped samples, and all 3 genres showcase this really well. I ended up sticking with Hip-Hop as it was my first love and it was the genre that weathered the storm artistically over the years. Sad to say, I wouldn’t be caught dead at a DnB show these days, and I was an avid DJ/Producer/Promoter of that genre for many years.

khal: How long had it been before you started getting comfortable with your music that MCs started taking notice and hit you up for beats?

Numonics: As a producer I've noticed there's always MC’s hitting you up for beats, lol. Even when I wasn't half as good as I am now. For me, it took about 2-3 years until I was working with artists that I liked and admired. I am very hard on myself in regards to my music, so it took a bit to develop a catalog that I was comfortable sending out for collaborations.

khal: Recently, you’ve scored production credits on projects from QuESt, Streets Buchanon, TreaZon and Monsters Ink. How did you get involved with those projects?

Numonics: Monsters Ink came about as the brain child of Lex One and Dynas, who are both MCs from South Florida which is where I reside. They wanted to create a collective of true Hip-Hop artists from South Florida. The group consists of Lex One, Mike Beatz, Dynas, Streets Buchanon and myself. For that project, most of my work was on the back end with marketing and strategic alliance duties, but there's a few beats on there from me.

In regards to QuESt, I was introduced to him by my friend Hallway from illroots.com. I had got the reference back from Donny Goines for a song we were doing. I wanted to feature another MC on the track and Hallway kept mentioning how dope QuESt is and how he's local. I finally got in touch with him and QuESt is honestly my favorite coming out of Miami right now. We connected for “Let The Rainfall” with Donny, and he introduced me to TreaZon. TreaZon and I get along really well and share similar vision in regards to this music ish. He made me very much a part of his project Breathe Life 2, and I think we created some excellent music. Most notably “Outside Looking In”.

khal: In going through your upcoming stuff (outside of your album), you’ve got a lot of EPs with artists as the sole producer. What do you think it is about your work or you as a person that makes these artists want to do projects solely with you?

Numonics: I think people understand that I’m about the music first and I put a lot of energy and dedication into making sure the music gets heard and seen. I consider the people I work with to be extended family and I’m sure that’s part of the reason too. I would love to say it's because my work is so dope, but I’m sure people want to work with me because of those reasons more than the quality of my work.

khal: Now, let’s get into the album, Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills, which wins my award for title of 2010 (so far). How did that title come about?

Numonics: I have a group with my good friend Paul Lewis called PaulnotPaul. We had a discussion one day about names for projects and I came up with Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills. That name really reflects a large portion of my life. I used to have this belief that all I had to do was be very good at making beats and people would take notice. That was the case for a long time, but it’s not applicable anymore. There’s so much talent out there. These days you need to be more than just a dope beatsmith, MC, DJ, etc. You need to understand how to publicize your work, how to market yourself and network efficiently. The "cool" stuff doesn't put food in your stomach or keep the lights on at home. It’s all the other things that come into play.

khal: This is dropping relatively soon, right? Who all is featured on the project?

Numonics: It will be released on March 29th via DJBooth.net, IMKING.com and many other sites. The project features Reks, Donny Goines, Sene, Co$$, Shawn Jackson, QuESt, TreaZon, ThreatZ, Lex One, Paul Lewis, RAtheMC, Wrekonize, BK Cyph, EL Prez, J The S, D.Julien, Dre Biggity, Streets Buchanon, Saheed and more.

khal: The mighty DJ RTC has mixed this album. How did that connection come about?

Numonics: I linked up with RTC through my little "online publicist" ventures. RTC featured some of the Monsters Ink material on Ruby Hornet and that’s how I initially linked up with him. He then did the QuESt mixtape which I was featured on and I really enjoyed how he did the tape. From there, I peeped more of his mixes and I felt his style was what I was looking for. I talked to him about working on the project and he was down. I’m extremely grateful and fortunate to have RTC and Ruby Hornet involved in this project.

khal: Do you have any favorites from you album, and if so, why?

Numonics: Production wise, my favorite is a tie between “Time is Now” (Co$$) and “Money Mentality” (Shawn Jackson). Both are blends of samples and original production and are really good examples of what I try to do.

In terms of lyrics and overall feel of the song, ThreatZ' "Trynna Live" is a personal favorite. He’s a good friend of mine and he shows his passion and skill with this song. In my eyes, it's one of my worst beats but his effort on here MADE me put it on the album. It’s that good.

khal: What do you think people will take away from Being Cool Doesn’t Pay The Bills?

Numonics: My main goal is to show people the talent of the all the artists involved and have people more familiar with my sound and what I'm about. Most of the album has a somewhat serious tone and the songs deal with real life issues. I feel people will be able to relate to the themes and make these songs a part of their everyday life.

khal: OK so after this project is released, do you know what’s due out next?

Numonics: My next project is with one of my favorite MC’s from Cali, Co$$. The project is in an EP format and is titled Revelations. It has a nice group of features of artists that we work with and IM KING and 2dopeboyz are involved for that project. In the summer, I am planning to release another EP with ThreatZ and TreaZon as well as an instrumental album and a mixtape of remixes called “MADMAN” with DJ Dub Floyd. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll have Fall releases with Wrekonize, QuESt and PaulnotPaul as well.

khal: Outside of your production work, you also run a number of online promotion and marketing for varying artists and brands. Does having that knowledge in advertising help or hinder your work as an artist?

Numonics: It’s definitely a plus in my eyes. It’s important to understand marketing to be successful in business. Music is a business and as an artist, I am my own personal brand. With that said, it’s been extremely beneficial to take my knowledge of marketing and advertising and apply it towards my music life.

khal: Is it hard juggling the promotion side with the artistic side? How do you balance them?

Numonics: I am very fortunate that I promote artists I know and like. The promo stuff ends up being an extension of the artistic side. I produce for a majority of these guys so I feel like they’re connected. It’s an easy balance as I do most of the promo stuff from my office and I write my music in the evenings.

khal: Outside of all of this, how do you unwind? Any hobbies?

Numonics: I’ve been a part of a weekly basketball game here in Ft. Lauderdale that consists of MCs, DJs, drummers, radio personalities and other Hip-Hop related job titles for almost 2 years. That’s my release each week.

Really, music has been how I unwind. I have over 100 clients for advertising so whenever I’m not slaving over a laptop and phone, I’m unwinding by programming drums or emailing a new single.

khal: Before we wrap this up, do you have any shouts or final thoughts?

Numonics: Shouts to quality sites like RockTheDub.com that keep us informed with the best talent and the newest music. I am a fan first and music obsessed so I’m so thankful for outlets like these.

Also big shouts to all the artists involved in my project and the good folks at IM KING, DJBooth and Ruby Hornet for being a part of the project. Most importantly thanks to DJ RTC for mixing the project, Hazardis Soundz for mix/master work and UNKLE LUC for helping with the visuals.

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EDIT Looks like the homies at WYDU have an interview with Numonics up as well, with an exclusive tune. Go hit it up NOW!

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