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Hip Hop Karaoke (5/14/10)

The other day, I got a DM from MC Jermaine, asking if I'd be interested in judging a Hip-Hop Karaoke night. I jumped at the chance, just because I didn't think people thought of me in that light - someone who can judge on ANYTHING (although, I am a Libra, and we rep the Scales, so yeah)! Come to find out, my homegirl Eva from Trenton Downtown is also in on this, so that's homegrown right there. In any case, at The Recording Barn in Trenton on Friday, May 14th, FOR FREE, you can come see some local heads try their luck at MANY Hip-Hop tracks - from classics like Audio Two's "Top Billin'" to Biggie's "Juicy", with all kinds of tracks in between. Come out, enjoy what should be a fun night out in Trenton, and who knows, if you can find me and my elusive-ass, we'll chat it up a bit.

Full rules and entry can be found via Trenton Downtown; there is also a list of the songs you can perform, with full lyrics too! There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, with a special People's Choice prize. Should be a great night!

EDIT Just got word that the location of tomorrow's Hip Hop Karaoke event has moved venues due to the rain - it's now going down at Cafe International, 241 E. Front Street in Trenton. I wonder if they are still a free wi-fi spot?

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