Whygee "RED (flashylights)"

Whygee "RED (flashylights)": @Whygeezy laments on his dead Xbox... but that's his fault. The fuck you buying a Xbox for? My Wii never done that before!

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3 Responses to “Whygee "RED (flashylights)"”

Anonymous said...

Lmao, I have a Wii and The New Super Mario BROS is like my 3rd Childhood LOL... Right on for posting this. Cheers !!

Nofrendo said...

I will rue the day when that shit happens to me. And I don't have a Wii on backup anymore. But, I heard Wii has Netflix, but what good if there is no HD streams?

khal said...

oddly, the Netflix on Wii is better than the Roku player - it gives you access to shit outside of your queue (recently added, etc) - but yeah, no HD can be kind of a pain.