[preview] Breakage ft. Jess Mills "Fighting Fire"

New tune from Breakage; this single drops on the 27th of February on Digital Soundboy, and features Jess Mills. What's funny is DJ Nappy has been out of the loop for a bit, and only heard some of Breakage's more recent output. I had to put him onto a number of Breakage's cuts, and just charting dude's progression in the last 10 years is awesome. Truly one of my favorite producers at the moment. Shouts to Shy FX for signing Breakage and allowing him to spread his wings.

The "Fighting Fire" single also includes a Drum & Bass remix from Loadstar (which you can hear in Hype's latest show), as well as this banger of a remix from Foamo:

Breakage - Fighting Fire (Foamo remix) by Foamo

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One Response to “[preview] Breakage ft. Jess Mills "Fighting Fire"”

zone3 said...

DOPE loving both versions. i need a full 320 of both!