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The Combat Jack Show: The Rick Ross Episode

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"Rick talks of growing up a die hard rap fan of some our lyrical greats, his unappreciated skill as a song writer/ ghostwriter, his relationships with Jay Z and Diddy and the books he reads to keep his mind focused. Also, the some details of his #RossFit training regimen, his Wing Stop chicken empire and why he really instigated his beef with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson". Stop being a munkey and press that download button, ya underdig?"

Von Pea Breaks Down His New Album "To You," Track By Track

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Von Pea's new album To You, which is produced by The Other Guys, is out now. He took the time out to do a track-by-track breakdown of this project. You want some dope hip-hop but are tired of mainstream bullshit? Highly recommend you picking this Von Pea album up.

Juan Epstein with Chris Rock and ?uestlove

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As per usual, Ciph and Rosenberg return for a Thanksgiving special, this time going almost two hours with Chris Rock and ?uestlove! Check out full audio below (and subscribe via iTunes!), and peep about 18 minutes of video after the jump.

"Chris Rock’s awesome new movie, Top 5, is in theaters on December 5th. To celebrate, our number 1 fan and the film’s music guru, ?uesto, brought the BK legend and hip hop aficionado by to talk about the movie, his incredible hip hop history, and just how highly he ranks Kanye in his own top five."

Redman's "Dare Iz A Darkside" Turns 20

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The Maggot Brain-inspired cover art. The ill red jewel case. Yup, Jersey's illest, Redman, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his sophomore album, Dare Iz A Darkside. And I don't care what's on Muddy Waters, this will forever be my favorite Redman album. He might've perfected the formula with Muddy Waters, but I feel like this LP was the best at mixing the weird, blunted, zany side of Redman with the rough, rugged and raw side. All of that Dr. Trevis shit, over the "cosmic slop" funk sound of Erick Sermon? The fact that Redman produced the majority of this project? Hell, even Red's interludes were hotter. I'm going to crack some beers later and blast the hell out of this, remembering how a 13-year-old khal was mesmerized by tracks like "Can't Wait." Rock, rock on.

Deal - The Villain - "Emerald Preferance"

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It's been a WHILE since I got a new one from Deal - The Villain, so it's great to have his voice back on RTD, especially since it's been five years since we dropped his EPic EP. No hook on this one, just ginsu-sharp rhymes, hypnotic beats, and a track that will stay on loop in the whip... trust!

Rap Radar - Shady XV Podcast

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YN and B.Dot hit up the Sirius XM studios to chop it up with Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg about Shady's 15 year anniversary. Reef and even Whoo Kid get in the mix; looks like Rap Radar has started a podcast as well!

(Rap Radar)

No I.D. on Juan Epstein

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This is a dope episode. Rosenberg (sans Cipha Sounds) and Quartermaine chopped it up with one of my favorite producers, No I.D.; they go in on everything from coming up in Chicago with Common to mentoring Kanye to his Executive VP position at Def Jam. Magical. Subscribe on iTunes!

Details on Praverb's Cause of Death Have Been Released

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Two months ago, we got word of the sudden death of one of our brethren, Praverb. At the time, there was no word on his having been sick or what could've taken him so suddenly. It looks like his wife Vanessa recently got the details on the situation and decided to share them with the world. It doesn't make his passing any easier, but it can be a lessen learned. Hell, my wife was talking to me yesterday about getting doctor's appointments scheduled. MAKE SURE YOU'RE HITTING THE DOCTOR, PEOPLE!! RIP Praverb.

"2 months today ... And Patrick made a way for us to start this healing process... I received the call from the medical examiner today who did his autopsy. I decided to share the with you all bc as painful as this is, it's a scary reality for us all.... Patrick suffered a massive heart attack, his heart was severely enlarged. We had no idea that this was going on. As much as I had been awaiting this confirmation... It's still breaks my heart and spirit. He can not say what caused the enlarged heart , but can only attribute to overall health and lifestyle .... I have not had a physical in almost 2 years now .... I ask this of everyone , please get an annual physical , take care of yourself, if something doesn't feel right, tell your doctor. I feel we were almost cheated that he didn't show any signs or symptoms of an upcoming heart attack, that we weren't given the usual symptoms and signs. Now that I know what took him from us , I must use this and move forward for Matthew. I will do whatever I have to do to make him proud."—Vanessa McNease

MaLLy - "Everything Else But Me"

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Taken from MaLLy's The Colors of Black.

Cam Sheely - "Last Time"

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You don't hear a lot of artists detailing the story of their progression on wax like this. Well, at least from the ATL anyways. Could just be me; I love hearing that hunger. Word is this is the first single from Don Kevo's Raised By Wolves 2 mixtape.

(Pigeons & Planes)

J-Live - "The Greatest Thing"

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Word is J-Live is working on an instrumental album? If it sounds like "The Greatest Thing," I hope it drops soon. This is perfect #hoodieseason early morning vibes.

Rell Gambino - "Demon Deux"

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Von Pea - "So East Coast"

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If you're sleeping on Von Pea, you're playing yourself. This cut is taken from his forthcoming To You project, which is produced entirely by The Other Guys that drops on November 25. Shit like this makes me proud to be touching the Atlantic, especially during this fall era. It might also be the fact that Von and I are pretty much the same age; his references are perfect for me. Peep the video below, then cop this track right mf'in now.

Donwill Has a Podcast

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I don't remember when I got addicted to podcasts; it was probably when I was working customer service gigs years back. I'd do phone work, but in between I'd push papers around, and needed something that wasn't the same 5 songs on "urban radio" to listen to. I wanted to be entertained by my interests. Over the years I've become a fan of a number of podcasts, from Juan Epstein and the Combat Jack Show to Tonedeff and PackFM's Tacos & Chocolate Milk. Earlier this year, one of their very special guests was Donwill from Tanya Morgan / Lessondary fame, and he killed it. He's funny enough that you won't get bored with what he's talking about, but also knows how to drop some knowledge that his peers could and should understand. For those that remember, Don's also been featured on a few episodes of Combat Jack's show, so news that Dondub started his own podcast—Bad With Names—isn't a surprise, but it's something I need in my life ASAP. It's said to feature "conversations by and for working creatives along with other cool stuff that is still yet to be determined, sort of like life in general."

That shit is right up my alley.

The first two episodes are available for stream and download below, but you can also subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher. Make this a part of your life... ASAP!

Stray - Since You've Been Gone

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A free mixtape of beats from Stray that dwell in his hip-hop bin? All about it.

J57 ft. Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell - "Main Event (J57 Remix)"

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If you know RTD, you know the Brown Bag AllStars. One of the BBAS cats to really shine bright has been J57, who's taken his acumen as a producer and turned into a very capable producer, working with everyone from Nitty Scott, MC to Homeboy Sandman. A few years back, J dropped "The Main Event (Remix)," a track featuring Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino, and Rasheed Chappell. This was before a lot of these guys really got national recognition, and features a beat that is sample-free and contains a silky bassline midway. It looks like homey went back into the studio to give the tune an entirely new feel, and will be releasing it officially on November 11. Stream the (clean) version below, and pre-order that bad boy right now.

J-Live - "I Am A Man (American Justice)"

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J-Live penned a track that resonates with many of us who are living "free" in America while still being under the constant fear and struggle of, well, walking while black. Or driving while black. Or whatever the case may be; shit is real out there. I respect him talking about the cops not even knowing the beat they are paid to walk. "We black, and yall cops."

Skepta ft. Young Lord - "It Ain't Safe"

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I feel Skepta could be next up.

Tone Liv ft Rav.P & EVIE - "Recipe Tight"

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Here's that proper Saturday night wild life material, courtesy of Tone Liv alongside Rav.P and EVIE. On a head nod-inducing track from J.L Izzo light C4 on the mic. Free download as well. Crack a tall can to this. You already.

KRK!'s Exclusive Mix for BLVCK SCVLE

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This is like the perfect middle ground between hip-hop and electronic. Artwork by Daniel Joseph.