Dumped for calling customer service?

Peep this letter (spotted at Gadgetell). How the fuck are you going to cancel people for being considered "high maintenance"? You basically said "you're too dumb to use our service". Why not take a look at your service, see if you can fix a few confusing things, and then go on from there.

The thing is, now they are saying they did this b/c people were scamming, which is a legitimate beef, I guess (even though I don't know who would be that determined to call them EVERY DAY demanding a credit). The thing is, what if you have a problem with your service, say a name change or something, and it cannot be resolved with one (or two) calls. Do you get dropped b/c of that? It's one thing to not make payments then try to obtain credits (hell, a swindle is a swindle), but what about specifics where consumers say they got cancelled over real problems, like getting charged for shit they didn't do?

Don't they record phone convos? Why not go through the records of people with legit beef(s), and try to sort it out?

In any case, I'm glad I rock Virgin Mobile...

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