LOST News: Much 'Ado About Richard Alpert

Is this the last of Richard Alpert we will see?

Apparently, it might be... as the actor who plays Richard Alpert, Nestor Carbonell, has landed a role on Cane, a TV show forthcoming on CBS, and it seems as though they are not letting him make appearances on ABC's hit. Why? Bad for business, probably.

When asked about Alpert's fate, Carbonell dropped this nugget: "I don't know."

Still, how are we going to figure this one out? My guess is that they killed Richard Alpert off - only way it makes sense. Eh, this IS LOST, so who knows. I just think it'd be odd if they got a new actor - even though those conspiracy theory threads would be HILARIOUS!

Hopefully, this is sorted out before next year (!!!), but we shall see... who's to say Cane is going to last?

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