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VIdeo Ho's volume 2

Hurricane Chris "A Bay Bay"

My son's favorite song. Well, he laughs when I "sing" the "chorus" to him.

R. Kelly ft. Usher "Same Girl"

Word to Charles In Charge.

Lil' Scrappy "Livin' In The Projects"

Videos like this are cool only when the artists still lives in the projects. And why do all of these niggas have wads of cash but stay sittin' on project stoops?

Kanye West "Stronger"

This is supposed to get me excited about a new Kanye LP? Cassie flittin' around Japan and Kanye with those odd slit shades?

The word CRUNK has been added to Webster's dictionary. In honor of that, let's post up a CRUNK ASS VIDEO!:

Lil' Jon ft. E-40 & Sean Paul "Snap Ya Fingers"

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