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FOTM: THUGSTEP #3 (07/2007)

DJ Nappy strikes again, this time with a track that would fit perfect as an intro track to your thugged-out summer mix. This one is for the woofer-busters, and Unk's lyrics perfectly breaks down that egotistical braggadacio those who have the champion systems exude when they are ridin' down their hood. This track is the title cut to Unk's debut LP, the same one that birthed "2 Step", and he keeps the exact same flavor in his vocals on this one. The dubstep instrumental is provided by Docwra, and it gives us the PERFECT thump to back up the theme of this refix. It starts out menacing enough, with a basic boom-bap, with a hypnotic bassline which is matched by some haunting synths. Heavy tune, and something that will definitely keep those tweeters and woofers heated for the summer rides. Check out the download links, in 256kbps MP3 sound:

Looking for more THUGSTEP? Hit this link. Any of you DJs want MORE THUGSTEP? Send me an e-mail, Nappy blessed me w/ loads of refixes. One thing: if you use them, let me know you use them, so we can big you up on his MySpace page, ESPECIALLY if you use them on mixes hosted online.

Be safe, and spread the word. This is FAR from over...

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