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Black ELement A Major Minority

I've been down with Black ELement for a minute, leading up to the release of A Major Minority, and I'm glad to see the fruits of his labor has finally found its way onto the 'Net. I've been stewing over this LP for about a week, and it's amazing that dude let this be put out there for free! Definitely take some time to download this, burn it, put it on your iPod or whatever and examine some of the otherside of Hip-Hop, the shit you don't normally get exposed to on your radio dial. Then go to Black's site and get involved - keep the movement alive! This is only the beginning, fam.

NOTE: here's the front cover \ here's the back cover.

PS watch out for the interview with Black EL I did; part 1 will be surfacing on rock the dub sometime this week, with part 2 dropping on Flawless Hustle a week later. holla.

EDIT Here's a link to download this.

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theBside said...

Good S**t mayne...Def gonna grab this joint. Ima post it on my blog and give you credit...Keep it funky...