Kanye West Conference Call Live-Blog

The homey Enigmatik usually covers the BoBO Conference Calls, but since he will be out, I'll step in and keep you guys abreast to what Kanye West is talkin' 'bout...

1:38PM: While I appreciate them being thankful for my patience, you'd think a Hip-Hop Conference Call would have some gutter hold music.

1:39PM: Did you guys peep this article on MTV? When shall BP3 drop? I'm guessing summer 2K9.

1:44PM: Finally, we're live.

1:51PM: Whoa, how come when someone says "introduce yourself", a nigga has to go into a nutty 16. Then he says, you already know, but I don't know who it is.

1:52PM: Oh, it was punk-ass Ace Hood and DJ Khaled. I'm tired of that sandnigga.

1:53PM: If Gutta's album (which drops Nov. 18th) is a classic, I will drink coffee for an entire week.

1:55PM: The last thing I need is Ace Hood's contact info.

1:58PM: It's odd to hear Khaled not yelling. I almost don't recognize his voice.

2:02PM: Hey Ace, word to the wise: if Khaled is your mouthpiece, let him answer the Q's. You sound dumb with that "um to be honest, I don't even be knowing..."

2:04PM: Kanye in 2 seconds.

2:06PM: 2 minutes later; 'Ye is "playing his joint" to some cats out in the UK. Hearing him speak is kind of like speaking to drunk bums. You want to laugh, but then you realize he is really saying some shit.

2:07PM: Yo, he just said making music was a lot better than suicide. Christ, its that real, 'Ye?!

2:09PM: Props to the "nigga perspective" comment. Thing is, no matter how Pop they become, I really don't think that 50 would rhyme on these tracks, Yeezy.

2:11PM: Kanye's album is getting pushed up; they said the 24th (a Monday)? 'Ye said it's b/c they want those Thanksgiving sales, which ain't a bad look. Drop it on Nigga Friday. Also, BoBO will be leaking "Amazing" today. And now Jay dropping in February?

2:13PM: Who else makes music saying "What Would Jeezy Do"?

Alright, so another BoBO Conference Call is a wrap; 'Ye is dropping earlier than expected, Jay is dropping in Feb. 2009. Ace Hood is flopping dropping next week, and "Amazing" will be leaked on this blog in the next half hour or so. Holla.

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