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The Two. Fifteens - RTD Mix (October 2009)

Not sure if you knew, but the production duo formerly known as The Amps... (who have had their productions featured on projects like the We Got The Remix edition of Mood Muzik 3, Mick Boogie & Terry Urban's Viva La Hova and other releases) have been reemerged, and christened themselves The 2:15's (to avoid possible legal trouble).

Why "The 2:15's", you might ask. Think about getting your whips tricked out with a new speaker system. I don't own a whip (my NJ Transit bus pass gets hella usage), but what I'm told is cats usually upgrade the system to two 15" subwoofers - or higher; nice correlation, going from The Amps... to The 2:15's, as well as a nice description of where they're trying to go, sonically.

I always like hearing fresh producers working on material, and have kept a pretty cool contact with the guys over the summer. They let me know they have some heat in the oven, and this Hip-Hop/dub-laden mix that they gave me is a great example of their varying sounds (that Dizzee Rascal bit in there is pure sickness).

As for their own releases, keep an eye peeled for their EP, Effective When Used After; this should be out in Spring 2010. I'll hit you with more details on this when they become available. Enjoy this one - this shit is FAR from over!


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Reyn said...

This is dope Khal, good shiat!