The Commons "Wombat College"

The Commons "Wombat College": Here's another instance where I had no idea what to expect when the MP3s came over to the rock the dub War Room. The Commons rep Greensboro, NC, and these cuts come from their next project (Umm..Tracks), and I'm perplexed. Lyrically, I'm not terribly impressed, but the laid-back keys on "Wombat College" allow for some uncomplicated 16s. Not sure who produced this, but I fucks with it. The bonus track is where I got confused... just seems like they need more WOMBAT, less PATNA. That's just me. You check it out and decide.

Bonus Beats The Commons "New Patna"

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kevobeats* said...

aye these my boys!!! yeah its slack but dont even sleep.....