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Danny! Where Is Danny

Danny! is the kind of rapper who would prank his father by dropping a gay porno mag in a spot where his mother would find it, only to have to break up the ensuing ruckus between his parents by admitting that he tricked them.

And they'd love him for it.

For the last few months now, the Where Is Danny? question has gone through my head. Dude is a lot smarter than most of the rappers out there, and while the idea of naming his Def Jux debut CD Where Is Danny?, then having the project seemingly disappear way past its release date is either some Definitive Snoozing, or part of a bigger, Kaufman-esque ploy. Maybe Danny! pranked us.

Thing is, once you pop this satisfying Hip-Hop treat into your CD player/iPod/listening receptacle, you'll forget all about being pissed off and just marvel in the wonderment that is Danny!. Beats come straight from the homey Alex Goose, who has a sick combination of devious loops ("I Ain't The Walrus" is a favorite) to my personal favorite, "This Is Your Life (In West Watch-A-Ka-Tella)", which has been kept instrumental, and sounds like the theme song to a classic '70s TV show... on speed. And it works. What's great about Alex's production on this is that it allows Danny to really go in lyrically, throwing anything and everything he wishes at these excellent beats; I remember reading that he wanted to showcase his MC skills this time around, and this connection with Alex really allows him to do so.

Now, I had plans to rock a full review of this, and what you see in red is how it started out. Word from Danny!'s people just came by that this album is to be distributed for free. I'm not sure if Definitive Jux fucked up or what, but you need this album, #musicmonday or not.

DOWNLOAD Danny! Where Is Danny

EDIT So it sounds like IMEEM and/or some writers leaked this version of the album, so it will be retwerked and released. As long as something gets out there for the public to buy, I guess all is well, but that's shitty. With so many leaks that go on, its inevitable... why not just put it out? Their wishes, but I mean, I didn't see any leaks...

EDIT Just peeped this post over on The Nanci O Radio Show... what gives? I mean, from their writing, they made it seem like the decision to leak was made last week - was that still because of the leak fuckery?

EDIT Prefix is also saying its the IMEEM leak that caused this to get dropped for free. For what its worth, albums this good definitely need to be heard, I just hate it when dope artists can't make the ends they should make for their craft. And TBH, it just reinforces my mantra: some of the best albums in 2009 are free.

EDIT And here's the IMEEM link. Damn. Swain's bummed, and has reason to be. IMEEM is cool and a great look, but some of these cats really go in when they have no reason to. Enjoy this version...


Anonymous said...

na writers block media broke it down. they said they were gonna put it out free and that def jux had nothing to do with it. why u complainin? its FREE

khal said...

I'm not really complaining. Just trying to sort out what the problem was with a leak on a dope album like this. "It's FREE" isn't of my concern, as I've had a review copy anyways. I'd like to purchase it though - to help show that there is good Hip-Hop out there; kind of like how I bought Brooklynati earlier this year, months after having a press copy.

I just don't like having suspicions of bullshit going on, but I guess that's me.

And if you're going to reference a post on another blog, it'd help if you included the link. And that link doesn't really explain anything more than the Nanci O link did...