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Dub MD & Dominique Larue End Of Regulation

One of the more promising spitters out there is Ohio's Dominique Larue. I don't wanna harp on it, but with the lack of domineering females on the mic, its good to hear some fresh Hip-Hop from a woman. She hooked up with the homey Dub MD for End Of Regulation, a mixtape showcasing all facets of her ability, alongside a host of talented MCs and producers. If this is your first time hearing homegirl get down... you're welcome.



01.) Epic Intro (Produced By Antman Wonder)
02.) The Best (Produced By Boonie Mayfield)
03.) Fall '96 (Produced By Ghost Rydah)
04.) Kill That Sh*t (Produced By Antman Wonder)
05.) Indian Movements (feat. Junclassic) (Produced By drielb)
06.) Where Are All The Female Emcees (Produced By Tye Hill)
07.) I'm In Love (Produced By Rashid Hadee)
08.) Take It 'Uh Over (feat. Prefyx) (Produced By Antman Wonder)
09.) Off It (Produced By Focus)
10.) Pose (Produced By Antman Wonder)
11.) Nothin To Me (feat. Wordsmith & D/Will) (Produced By Severe)
12.) He Got Me Like (Produced By T.Dragonette)
13.) Dope Sh!t (Produced By drielb)
14.) Longtime (feat. Cyrano Sinatra) (Produced By D/Will)
15.) Sassy (Produced By Rashid Hadee)
16.) You're A Star (Produced By Antman Wonder)
17.) We Keep It Movin' (feat. Savant) (Produced By drielb)

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