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Juan Epstein (11/25/2009)

So last night, I had a dream that I was sitting in a studio with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, listening to them record an episode of Juan Epstein; for some reason, Peter was reciting rap lyrics with the word "nigga" in them, but saying like "nicca" and shit, which was odd. It's something he says he doesn't do, so I'm not sure why it happened in my dream. Come to your own conclusions... what's deep is, Rosenberg tweets today that they were recording a brand new episode of Juan Epstein, which hasn't had a proper episode since their live show back in June (not counting the bonus episode with Ben Lyons). It's ill, because the first episode they ever did was a Thanksgiving episode, so to have them kick the start of their third season on Turkey Day Eve is a blessing. It's another behind-the-scenes of the morning show episode, which is fun. And K. Foxx is in the building.


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Bonus Beats Here's the "Thanksgiving Forever" song that Rosenberg and Rico did, and has been getting a lot of play on the morning show. Shouts to Ciph.

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