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Coldcut Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes Of Madness

To help celebrate turning 20, Ninja Tune not only released Ninja Tune XX, but today Coldcut gave away their seminal Journeys By DJ mix, which at the time (read: the mid 90s) blew away anything you could consider a "mixtape". It did exactly what it said on the tin - it was a MAD journey of a DJ excursion, crossing genres and opening a lot of minds. This version of the mix is taken from the 2002 re-issue...

DOWNLOAD Coldcut Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes Of Madness

This week's Ninja Tune giveaway is undoubtedly the ultimate, in both senses of the word. It's one of the very few, truly iconic pieces of dance music, of the type that people still refer to in feverish tones. Despite being only five years younger than Ninja itself, it's an hour of music that sounds every bit as thrilling as it did on its original release. In an age where eclecticism in DJing is once again in vogue, we'd like to respectfully make the point that Coldcut had the idea first.

Welcome then, to Journeys By DJ. The original, the best, the mother of all mixtapes. Taking in a dizzying array of styles (jungle, techno, house, hip-hop, pop and politicised punk all get a look in,) it also features some of the brightest stars in the history of dance-music-worth-listening-to. More than just a mixtape, it was a statement of intent, and stands today as a testament to everything that's possible when music is mixed together.

The JDJ mix cemented Coldcut's reputation as dance's broadest minds and deftest mixers, and planted a seed that is flowering in the work of every DJ today, fifteen years down the line.

This version of the mix is described by Jon More as follows:

"This version was done for the re-issue in 2002. It grew out of the original, but was re-balanced and re-jigged with extra content, and in fact has different tracks in if you listen very closely. I'd call it a reinterpretation of the first. We're happy to give this away on our twentieth anniversary, as it was an important mix for us that marked a pivotal moment of our career so far. Hopefully there will be many more to come!"


Philorene 'Bola'
The Truper 'Street Beats Vol 2'
Junior Reid 'One Blood'
Newcleus 'Jam On Revenge'
2 Player 'Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)'
Funki Porcini 'King Ashabanapal (Dillinger Mix)'
Jedi Knights 'Noddy Holder'
Plasticman 'Fuk'
Coldcut 'Mo Beats'
Bedouin Ascent 'Manganese In Deep Violet'
Bob Holroyd 'African Drug'
Leftfield 'Original Jam'

PART 2 — Coldcut - JDJ special

Ini Kamoze 'Here Comes The Hot Stepper'
Coldcut 'Beats And Pieces'
Coldcut 'Greedy Beat'
Coldcut 'Music Maker'
Coldcut 'Find A Way (acapella)'
Mantronix 'King Of The Beats'
Gescom 'Mag'
Masters At Work 'Blood Vibes'
Raphael Corderdos 'Trumpet Riff'
Luke Slater's 7th Plain 'Grace'
Joanna Law 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face'
Harold Budd 'Balthus Bemused By Colour'
Hookian Minds 'Freshmess (Bandulu Mix)'
Jello Biafra 'Message From Our Sponser'
Pressure Drop 'Unify'
Love Lee 'Again Son'
Red Snapper 'Hot Flush'
Ron Granier 'Theme From Doctor Who'
Moody Boys 'Free'
Coldcut 'People Hold On'

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