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GetDarker TV 081: Fused Forces

Those Fused Forces boys are just making their mark, yeah? Recently touched down on Hatcha's show, now Get Darker had them step in for their 81st edition. Dropping a serious selection in this, but you already knew that. Now they just need to release more tracks!

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Hindzy D - Kontact.
Beerz - Who's Got Riz.
Cyrus - Sleeper.
Von D - Im Your drug Remix
Duskdown - Late Night 1990 (Dub Mechanics Remix)
Lysergene – Warper
Fused Forces - Street Level
Bukez Finezt - Noir.
Von D & Riskoteque - Needed Someone
Haze - Dubnium.
Demon & Herbdoubt - Slow Down.
Soap Dodgers - Wun I.
Fused Forces - Chain Mail
Cyrus & Distance - Emperors Fury.
Slaughter Mob - Buddah Assassinator.
Fused Forces - Dark Ally.
Catacombs – Sleep
Stinkahbell - Something in your eyes
Fused Forces - Who u dealing with
Fused Forces - Bun Fire.
Fused Forces - The Crypt.
Jakes - Signal.
The Dirty Rich - Plastic Fantastic (Fused Forces Remix).
Fused Forces - Repo Man.
Everyday World (Riskoteque Remix)
Shakedown - At Night (Stikkman Remix).
Fused Forces - K-Hole.
Von D - EEE Von.
Vista - Where.
Grizzy - Transporter.
Duskdown - Wind Up.
Fused Forces – Flower
Fused Forces - Common Sense.
M.I.K - Do It (Fused Forces Remix).
Fused Forces & S-Dot - Push Forward.
Fused Forces - Totem Pole.
Caski - Riddim (Fused Forces Remix).
Kromestar - Mental Universe.

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