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Dream Season Preview, Week 1

On the 9th of August, the next release for RTD Records comes from New Hampshire's own The Jake. He's a producer that has actually been on RTD Records before - you might remember hearing his beats on Deal - The Villain's EPic, and I gotta say - I've been WAITING for this project to drop. It's gone through a number of different machinations, and has become Dream Season. Dude's versatility on the beats is amazing - he has the Soulful vibes, but can go ahead and flip something a bit tougher, more rugged. For the next four weeks, we'll be dropping all kinds of promo for this one, and the first is the last track on the EP, "The Flyness", which not only features the one and only J.Gunn (who gets a LOT of burn on this EP, and is someone I hope does a full project with Jake), but also has bars from Jersey's own Rhymageddon!

DOWNLOAD The Jake ft. J.Gunn, Rhymageddon, Classical The Great & Diablo Archer "The Flyness"

We'll be doing some kind of promo on Mondays, leading up to the release on the 9th of August. For the time being, hit the jump for the full tracklist.

The Jake Dream Season EP


01. Dreams (feat. TWICE)
02. Pinot Noir (feat. J. Gunn)
03. Sunny Days (feat. D. Rose & Keisha Shontelle)
04. A Song About Sex (feat. J. Gunn)
05. The Dreamer [The Spoken Word & The Spitter Interlude] (feat. Dasan Ahanu & Lazarus)
06. Season (feat. J. Gunn)
07. The Flyness (feat. J. Gunn, Rhymageddon, Classical The Great & Diablo Archer)

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