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My Man Shafe ft. Zilla Rocca "Look At Her"

My Man Shafe ft. Zilla Rocca "Look At Her": Here's one of those cuts that might slip under the radar if you're not careful. Word from Fresh at 33jones is that Shafe is Philly by way of Buffalo (with time spent in Jersey), and has been working with Rocca for a minute. Not only has that lead to Shafe being featured on Zilla's (forthcoming) Nights & Weekends EP, but led to Zilla being featured on this cut (and producing a few cuts) off of Shafe's forthcoming Who's That?! My Man Shafe! LP, which 33jones will be dropping in August. By the sounds of it, Shafe knows how to pick those classic sounds - "Look At Her" is all lazy grooves, hazy guitar strumming, drunken horn stabs and whatever other 70's sounds he can throw in there. And it's all about the thoughts a male might catch when someone is scoping out a female - be it your female, or the female you're trying to creep with. Love this track.

Look At Her- My Man Shafe Ft.Zilla Rocca by My Man Shafe

EDIT Check out Zilla, Curly and Has-Lo on Scrunchface talking Wu-Tang Pulp, among other things!

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