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Rickie Jacobs - Die Brilliant

On today, his 25th birthday, Rickie Jacobs unearths his debut album, Die Brilliant. I won't sit here in my cavern, speaking on how I had this cat on my radar before most... including his handlers... but you know, I've been telling you about this Bmore beast for years now. I'm actually surprised it took this long for nephew to drop his debut album, but I like how his story has progressed. "They say every day a star is born. Twenty five years ago on this day, September 18th, a star was born. He's now known as Baltimore's finest, Rickie Jacobs. Today, on his birthday, he blesses the game with his debut album, Die Brilliant. Executive produced by Street Scott, this project holds 14 records of pure brilliance. It's Rickie Jacobs' gift to you. Your gift in return would be pressing play and allowing the talent within Rickie Jacobs' heart, body and soul to blast through your speakers at obnoxious volumes. This is merely the beginning. It's a MoonLite Club thing, and soon, you will know what this movement is all about. Die Brilliant is more than a project. It's a message. It's a lifestyle. And we don't have far to go. Let's toast to Sweet Revenge. Live epic, Die Brilliant!" And just so you know, this is the "Standard Edition" - the full edition drops on Tuesday, on iTunes, and will feature three additional cuts.

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