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[recap] Garden Variety (10/22/211)

I always enjoy myself at the Garden Variety shows. Shouts to Self and Kasso for continuing to shine the light on the Jersey Underground, and for heads who come out and experience these shows. In my side convos with guys like Mr. Fickle and Sol Infinite, as well as building briefly with Phace and Divine Drummah, there's not only a shitload of music that I need in my possession SOON, but there's still the ever-present Internet fame vs. Real World fame thing going on. Shows like this help me actually SEE people, and not just admire cover art, but there's a next level that our scene desperately needs. Hopefully 2012 can help us all achieve our wishes. In any case, as per usual, I've snapped a grip of pictures, which you can check out via Facebook. Hit the jump for video from the performances by Rap/Music, Joey Dynomite and Earl Grey. See you next month!


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