When Rappers Are Forced To Get Day Jobs

First off, shouts to J-Zone's grandmother for reaching 88 years on this earth. She celebrated her birthday with a bran muffin and a copy of Root for The Villain, Zone's new book, which drops on in November. I've gotten my mitts on a promo copy, and when I get a chance to read it, I'm amazed. Here he is, one of the true DIY artists within the underground Hip-Hop scene, crafting not only a story on his life through a Hip-Hop scope, but also dropping GEMS that you new school artists should really take notice of. He's a purist, and it shows, and honestly, whether it's Professional Wrestling or Hip-Hop, we all need a dose of that research and experience before really tackling our own dreams. In this excerpt from the book, Zone breaks down what happens when someone with a Rap career is forced to go back into the workforce. I fucking hate my job, and hope any rapper who is worth their weight in acetate can somehow maintain an existence in the industry, on their own terms. I wish I could. In any case, head on over to egotripland and check out this excerpt, then buy the book when he drops it... and if THAT'S not enough, check out another excerpt, "5 Rap Songs That Got Me In Deep Sh*t".


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