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rockthedub.com presents The Woodside Boys

One thing about me, I love seeing cats collaborate. Nothing gets me hyper than talented individuals combining their creative efforts and making something new, refreshing and exciting. I'm not sure how many months ago it was - I wanna say it was this past Spring; I was having a conversation with Lyle Horowitz, and he was talking about some of the tracks he's done with PreZZure, and I said something to the effect of "you guys should knock out an album and have rockthedub drop it on Halloween". That must have sounded good to them, because I started getting rumblings of them really churning out some ill shit - even dubbing themselves The Woodside Boys. I'm not sure what a Woodside Boy is, but I know these two cats locked horns and created a pure beast. PreZZ goes ham on this one - he really taps into the darker, more sinister side of his psyche, with tracks like "Ghost" (my personal favorite) and "Possessed" really blur the lines of crazy MC and crazy MC who might fucking kill you. You've already heard "I'm The Best", where they flipped what is arguably the best promo on WWE programming of the last few years into an anthem for slept-on MCs. 10 tracks of terror, from two cats who should be highly sought after. Trick or treat... Woodside or die.

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