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rockthedub presents The KhemLab

Finally. It's been two years since Kid Hum and RTD dropped Offshore Drilling. Two years since guys like Cy Yung, Whygee, Sky 7th, junclassic and others joined forces with Main Course, Deal - The Villain, The Jake and a merry band of features (including the one like Nico The Beast) aligned themselves as The KhemLab. Two years of starts and stops, and finally a powerful push over the last few months to get this done. And it's here. 20 tracks full of raw lyrics, tough beats and a bevy of topics, ranging from murder fantasies to cuts devoted to needing new kicks.

I'm excited for you guys to hear this project in it's entirety, mainly because it started from nothing and became something I'm truly enjoying. The crew also flips cuts from Diamond District and DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox' BYOP EP, alongside a serious grip of original beats - shouts to Anno Domini, Centric, Four Finger Ring, Sharp, 2 Deep, J57 and the rest of the 'Lab. But enough from me - take this journey with us.

Don your labcoats and help us decipher this thing called Hip-Hop, and experiment with what the music can really become.

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