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Cousin Cole Drops Perfect "New Year's Day 2018" Mix

Cousin Cole's a name I've been checking for for years now. Dude's always had his ear to the ground, and has a unique way of approaching music and his mixes. His "New Year's Day" mix series is no different. Since 2014, he's released a truly uplifting set on the first day of the new year, primarily featuring music from the funk, jazz, folk, and soul scenes. It's a great way to kick off the year, but in these trying times, putting together something that's more uplifting can be a challenge.

In the statement he dropped with the release of his New Year's Day 2018 mix, Cole says "Last year, it was very hard to conceptualize anything that would look towards the first year of Trump's presidency with any degree of hope, and I almost gave up on the idea. This year has been no different, but I think still managed to put together songs that provided some hope / solace / inspiration."

Find your center and remember how to get there as we traverse through what should be another insane year. Stream Cole's "New Years Day 2018" mix below, or you can download it for free, to take with you on your travels.


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