Gantz Gets Murky With Dedw8 On "Shivy"

Back in April, I was in Atlanta for reasons I don't think I can speak about. Whatever the case is, I was holed up in a hotel for a day or two with no one to holler at, and went on a mission to get some beer and a few things I needed for the night. I took a walk around the weird downtown area of the A, which was like Trenton one point, college town the next, and had Kahn & Neek's excellent Essential Mix on the phone to keep me company. It was the first time I heard "Shivy," which is a Gantz production featuring Dedw8 that's on the murkier, darker side of the UK's hip-hop scene.

The instrumental is the kind of madcap/hypnotic/dark sound that I love, but it goes to straight horrorcore mode during the second verse, when neph is like "Pop sells, and hip-hop is dead, so we robbed the grave/gravedigging with my hands so I never need to shop for spades." It killed me, and kept getting rewound. My kind of murderous music.

Won't you know that Deep Medi Musik, Mala's forward-thinking imprint, are the ones who finally dropped this gem on the world via Gantz's Dying on Acid EP, which dropped before the end of 2017. Stream the full bit below in its glory, and cop it via the Deep Medi website.


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