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Valona Denise Weaves Intoxicating Tales On 'SBTP'

For heads trying to ease into 2018 with a release that'll satisfy their need for stories and melodies, look no further than Valona Denise's SBTPSample Before the Product—project, which dropped a few days before the end of 2017. Taking a cue from her 2015 project Rollin' Stoned Chronicles, this 15-song release has a theme weaved throughout it. That's not to say you can't enjoy solo jawns on their own, but know that there's something there if you stay focused. Truth be told, that's how you should be approaching life, ya dig?

Featured on the boards and on the mic are everyone from Rell Gambino to Sonic Asaad, with Valona playing the poetic conductor, making the entire journey flow effortlessly. Stream SBTP below, and cop it via Bandcamp.


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