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P. Morris Unleashed Almost 100 Remixes and Edits on 'POP.MORRIS Volume Four'

Back when P. Morris dropped his TEETH release, I mentioned how intrigued I was at the live TEETH set he included on the release, so much so that I went back to it on the regular. He's not dropped a lot since (aside from the release he put out with Maal), but that would appear to be because he saved a fucking DOOZY for heads on Jan. 1.

On the fourth edition of his POP.MORRIS series, which finds him putting his def spin on some of your favorite pop hits, he's sorted out three different parts, each rolled into 30+ minute mixes, taking treks throughout the last two decades or so of music. We're talking Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Outkast, Prince, and many, many others. He's making statements throughout, really pulling together a narrative in this expansive set.

Best part? It's your's for whatever you want to pay. Bear Club put it up on Bandcamp for whatever you want to pay, or a $5 CD release. You can also stream the three parts below, via SoundCloud.


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