Mistabishi Is Still Trash (UPDATE)

UPDATE 1/15/2018 8:18PM: Surprisingly, Mistabishi released a statement on this situation. He doesn't apologize, but he does mention that he has "ptsd from various things that have happened here and things I've seen here over the years," which I guess is an excuse for using terms like "Muzzy" and "niggeryness"? He then says "People who think like me are just a secondary condition of a much bigger problem that no one seems to want to deal with, but obviously it's much easier to silence and contain that than the actual cause of it." Which is rich, considering that a) the only posts that have been "silenced" are the ones he deleted and b) none of this excuses you being a racist. There are loads of forums where he can speak his mind, which he's done. Many have just chosen to not associate with him.

Read his comments in full:

Original story below.

Do you remember Mistabishi? He was big on Dogs On Acid years back (user name: mista) who rose to prominence due to his drum & bass productions, many of which were released on Hospital. Most people remember his one track, "Printer Jam," which was made up of sounds of a printer. He got caught a lot of flack in 2009 over a scandal involving him apparently playing pre-recorded mixes during a DJ set. While he was never as big of a dnb producer after that, he still released music, primarily through Noh Music, and outside of the dnb realm.

To be fair, his attitude was never one people loved, but not too many people knew that he was a whole racist. Over the weekend, it was discovered that he was on Facebook making racist comments towards London mayor Sadiq Khan, tied to Donald Trump canceling his trip to the UK. Mistabishi said it was because "Kahn (sic) is from a migrant family," going off about how dude's not a real Londoner. When commenters called him out on his comments, Mistabishi went full-on racist, calling someone "Muzzy," which is a derogatory term for a Muslim person.

The dnb community isn't having it, with producers like Chimpo taking to socail media to speak out.

Mistabishi deleted his original Facebook post, but others have called Mistabishi out; for some reason, he's OK to clap back at people on Twitter, including calling black DJ "chimp."

What's funny is you can easily find him arguing with other people over Twitter without using the term "chimp" for them, with the only difference being that dude he was arguing with is black. You be the judge. There are also forum posts where he talks about disliking "nigger-culture" and making comments about "niggeryness" and the like.

If you're plugged into the dnb community on social media, Mistabishi's antics are being thoroughly discussed (with a number of DJs and producers totally distancing themselves from him). Props to Hospital Records, who have announced that due to his remarks, Mistabishi's Hospital releases have been removed from their store, and that they would "direct any of Hospital Records' income received from his publishing and releases on all other stores to our chosen charity: LoveMusic HateRacism." Check out their full statement below, and feel free to stop fucking with Mistabishi from now until eternity.


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