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Random Tracks of Flyness

Years back, when I realized I had no time or money to be a DJ, I started making these odd mixes using old software. I guess I woke up this morning with a song (well, a bunch of songs) on my heart and decided to churn this out. There's lots of radio static, a bunch of random sounds and sketches that might only be funny/clever to me, but this also represents a bunch of material I dug during that timeframe of not making rockthedub radio mixes. #shrug.

Featured artists include Elucid, Pusha T, Westside Gunn, DJ Paypal, DJ Manny, Wen, 03 Greedo, and others. It's also the first time using hearthis.at, which allows you to not only upload shit, but give it away. Trying to figure my life out with this. Stream and download the demo; tracklist is below.


01/you don't wanna war with me (intro)
02/Wen - Time II Think
03/Nov B2B Deecee (interlude)
04/Elucid - 1010 Wins
05/Westside Gunn ft. Benny & Busta Rhymes - Brossface Brippler
06/Boogie - Self Destruction
07/dressing like a slut (interlude)
08/Neuropunk - She Party All The Time
09/Boylan - PBEs
10/your mom is a slut (interlude)
11/DJ Manny - Can't Get Enough
12/DJ Chap - Tour Guide
13/DJ Paypal - Wishin
14/Teep ft. Fancy Hawk - Fancy
15/Philip D. Kick ft. DJ Spinn - Vibe Off
16/does god want you to be a slut? (interlude)
17/Jay Rock - ES Tales
18/be my nigga (interlude)
19/03 Greedo - No Disrespect
20/Valee ft. Jeremih - Womp Womp
21/flocka (interlude)
22/Pusha T ft. Kanye West - What Would Meek Do?
23/summoned to a funeral (outro)

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