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Milo and Elucid Team Up For 'Nostrum Grocers'

Crazy how these things work. According to the receipt I found stuck under the driver's seat, Nostrum Grocers (aka the collaboration from Milo and Elucid) was born almost three years ago, when Elucid flew out to Milwaukee to chop it up with Rory. They then sat on the project, not getting back into the project until 2017. Interesting enough, during the time this album was conceived to when it was released, both emcees became fathers. You can hear growth and optimism in the lyrics, although it packs equal amounts of black power and clarity in the 10-track opus as well.

Stream and cop this album via Bandcamp, and if you're in the NY area, you can hear it performed live on August 19 at Elsewhere (Zone One) in Brooklyn.


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