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Who the Hell Is Nuff Pedals?

I don't know what I was doing when Nuff Pedals dropped The First EP back in 2016, and I'm pissed because I missed out on some excellent music. This week, The Second EP dropped, and you can file me under blown away by this release. There's something about the jazz-y, bass-fueled, broken beats on this project. I've been a longtime fan of jazz, just by listening to the shit hip-hop producers would sample, but there's a twisted funk to cuts like "Hang Glide" that will be stuck in my head for the next month.

The identity of Nuff Pedals is a mystery by design. It's apparently "the super-secret alias of an artist that you already know and love," which is intriguing. This dropped on Gutterfunk, which is DJ Die's imprint, but he's been so all over the place, BPM-wise, for me to think it's him (although it could very well be him). I also know that Die, along with Krust, Roni Size, and the rest of the Full Cycle camp, used to drop all kinds of music during the '90s, under various names. Wonder if it's one of them. Either way, it's someone who called on DRS to vocal a tune, so I have to wonder if they are in the dnb genre and took to Gutterfunk to explore. Either way, this shit is very necessary. Stream it below, and cop it over on Bandcamp.


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