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rockthedub radio (July. 2018)

I KNOW, I KNOW; I said we'd be doing this month to month, and then dropped the ball back in the Spring. That's my bad. Either way, we're back bringing you our favorites from July of 2018, with an added bonus: drum & bass maestro Jaxtella has returned with a massive mix of treats from last month, featuring everyone from Social Misfits to Need For Mirrors. Of course, I also drop a hodge podge selection of cuts from Blood Orange, DJ Earl, Curren$y and more before him. Hopefully we've returned to form. Don't beast me up.

Stream below, download via iTunes, and check the tracklist down bottom.


01/The Internet - Come Over
02/Blood Orange - Charcoal Baby
03/Curren$y ft. Jadakiss - Old Range
04/DJ Premier ft. Casanova - Wut U Said?
05/Future - SOME MORE
06/DJ Durel & Mihos - Hot Summer
07/Shades - Sickle
08/Signs & Shield - The Message
09/DJ Earl - Lie4 Remix

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Jaxtella In The Mix:

10/Social Misfits - Velvet Rooms
11/Ownglow - Wonder
12/Friction - Dancing (Dawn Wall Remix)
13/ZeroZero - Noodle Dub
14/Kung - Eunoia
15/Seba & Manos - Always
16/TC - Bitter Sweet
17/Macky Gee - RIP
18/Social Misfits - Change the Game
19/Need For Mirrors - Prayer Hands
20/Circuits - Dream State
21/Need For Mirrors - Slaves of Empire
22/Legion & Logam - Mullholland Drive
23/Naibu - Achille
24/Pola & Bryson - 24:7
25/Naibu - Red Hand
26/Seba & Manos - Etherall

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27/Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy

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