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The 2018 Trenton House Music Festival Features First Ever All-Female Lineup

Trenton's an interesting town. It has a storied hip-hop history, with loads of West Indian roots. There's also a deep house history in the city. There's something about the soul of true house music that resonates with the area. Not even on some fist-pumping shit; just pure, deep house music. So there shouldn't be any surprise that the Trenton House Heads United crew has been putting on their Trenton House Music Festival in the city for a number of years. In 2018, though? They have something special lined up.

This Sunday (August 5th), the first-ever all-female line-up to hit the Trenton House Music Festival will kick off at 12PM in Mill Hill Park. It's a free event, and runs until 7PM. What's dope is not only is the line-up full of women, but it's very international. DJ Venus 7 reps Thailand, while DJ Sabine Blaizin reps Haiti. Yuko Jikido is repping Japan, and finally, DJ Zandy Shejay is bringing the sounds from South Africa.

For more details on the DJs and the live performances, hit up their Facebook event. To get you right, here are some mixes from the wonderful women on the card.


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