Amerie "Why R U (Remix)"

Amerie ft. Rick Ross, Cain, Jadakiss & Nas "Why R U (Remix)": Amerie trades one old school classic for another, this time tackling Whodini's "One Love" for the remix to "Why R U". This remix > the original, although it should've just been Nas and Jada on it. Sorry.

Shouts to BoBO.

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2 Responses to “Amerie "Why R U (Remix)"”

Anonymous said...

Oh my god
Ameire is crazy! Yo she is takin it back baby, baby! Girl you better work the scene sweet lady.

Almost forgot where is the video?

Anonymous said...

Why are people not giving it up for this chick? She coming hard 4 it and not gettin no love... what gives?