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Che Grand Everything's Good Ugly Cover+Tracklist

If you fuck with RTD, you should already know how I feel about Che Grand and his Everything's Good Ugly project. On the low, I've gotten to hear EGU in its entirety, and its the jam! It's better than you would expect, trust. Che hit me with some info to share with you guys. Word is EGU will drop on August 18th on ZFTP Label/Believe Digital; here's the final tracklist...

1. Bless'd feat. Jacob Soul
2. Gift Wrap
3. Swing
4. Walking Under Ladders feat. Elucid and Spec Boogie
5. Gold Chains Part Deux
6. Too Much Too Soon feat. Colin Munroe
7. City On Fire
8. R E S T A R T (Original)
9. Celebrate We
10. People Bowling feat Tanya Morgan
11. Crash (Produced by Von Pea)
12. Girls Talk feat DbM (of Sankofa)
13. I Know You Still Want Me
14. Life's Grand feat N.icky (of Heavy)
15. Large Hadron Collider
16. Chateau Gold
17. Soraya's Jam feat Benny Sings
18. Across The Sky

To help whet your appetite, stream "Gold Chains Part Deux" right now!

"Gold Chains" Part Deux

Gold Chains (Part Duex) - Che Grand

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Danny! said...

'Bout time!!! Che's that dude