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Jay-Z "Run This Town" Live-Blog

So, apparently, HOT 97 is going to be blasting off the new Jay-Z record, "Run This Town" (which features Rihanna & Kanye West); here's my recounting of it, while it goes down...

(NOTE: I'm listening via this ill Nobex software on my BlackBerry, so times might be off a smidge)

9:33AM - Saw YN's tweet that the record was supposed to drop around 9:11AM (get it?), but word from Ciph and Rosenberg is that the record isn't even in their possession - they're waiting for it to upload? Sheesh...

9:35AM - "Successful" is the only track from So Far Gone that I actually appreciate.

9:39AM - Looks like "Run This Town" is over on Jay's MySpace page, but is currently unavailable.

9:41AM - YN called the rain delay for "Run This Town" - drats!

9:44AM - Ciph is getting into his Flex zone... "OK!"

9:45AM - Finally hearing it; Rihanna got the hook in the intro. Jay proclaiming Roc Nation...

9:46AM - If you gonna rock the "KINDA TOUGH, HOV!" shit, shoulda just had Flex come into the station.

9:47AM - So far, I'm diggin' Hov's flows on the track... the beat is on that marchin' shit, ala "Brooklyn (Go Hard)" and shit. 'Ye rappin' on the 3rd verse.

9:48AM - Kanye did his thing on that!

9:49AM - End verdict: I'm not mad at the track. Having just heard it for the first time, I'm admittedly not blown away (after "D.O.A.", I wasn't expecting to be), but maybe it's just my being tired of Rih's wailing shit (that record she had with T.I. worked my nerves), but I think its a cool one. Jay sounds hungry, I love the way he's flowing on this, and hearing Kanye pick up his pen on the third verse really sounded ill. I need to hear this on better speakers (no diss to you, cranBerry, but I couldn't blast you in my cubicle). So, what say you YN? NMC? Who will have the rip(s) first?


drivenmg said...

NMC hands down - give it about 60-90 mins TOPS.

Edeon said...

Jay-Z - Run This Town

Explicit Version - 320kbps - High Quality


Anonymous said...

It's a hot track but it's been done better.