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Prince "Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)"

Prince "Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)": When MJ died, it made me (and others) recall that old convo that I remember having on bus rides home from school - "Michael Jackson or Prince - who's better?"... I always said Prince won, just because I messed with Purple Rain and the Batman OST something sick. Fuse is playing Purple Rain right now, and it randomly had me hit up Googs like "did the movie version of 'Let's Go Crazy' ever come out?", and guess what - it did! Wifey loves this track for his guitar solo at the end - I've seen the goose pimples, they are real. I like the offbeat interludes, from that skankin' rhythm in the middle with the random piano playing, and that entire section where they just leftfield. It's a pretty raucous track from end to end, but this version, in its damn-near eight minute glory, is definitely the one I put on FTW.

Props to PC's Music for having this version available.

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