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Joulz il & RTD Present The il Before The Storm

It's been a long-time coming for this one. I've been wanting to put out a project from Joulz il for so long, and with the Month of Jouly upon us, we figured it's only right. I know he's been working on The il Identity, trying to get his name up, and with the success of Offshore Drilling (which included his well-received track, "My Microphone"), its only right to serve the public with a batch of tracks that you should've heard, but might've slept on, as well as some cuts that have not leaked as of yet.

Everything on here is produced by the homegirl Entity Starr (for SwAsHo Productions), and the only feature is from the homey Original Soul. The topics range from warm summer afternoon funk to deeper, more thought-provoking material. Joulz is a gifted MC with endless flows and fresh lyrics - a true mic controller. This is a great compilation, sort of like a prophecy of what's to come from this talented individual; I love being able to hold onto a batch of tracks from an artist that I truly admire, but what I love more is finally being able to play weatherman, and hit you with that stormwatch. Get your umbrellas out, there's a storm brewing...

DOWNLOAD Joulz il & RTD Present The il Before The Storm (mirror)


1. Come Home With Me
2. When Was The Last Time
3. How Cool Is He (featuring Original Soul)
4. Whutdatiz
5. Getting It In
6. Respect & Take Note
7. Focus
8. You'll Remember This
9. Imagine That (Pain Rmx)
10. Help Me
11. Better Days
12. It's Over

Hit up Joulz il on the following sites: his blog \ twitter \ MySpace \ YouTube.

Or e-mail the homey. Let him you're feeling this. And spread the word!

EDIT To the top, as Joulz will be on Drunk N' Throwed tonight!

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