Eminem "The Warning"

Eminem "The Warning": Damn, this is the Eminem I love hearing. I'd had "Nail In The Coffin" stuck in my head over the last week - wasn't expecting this at all. Damn. So many quottables. Em won, and this shit BETTER not be over!

MP3 via Nah Right; shouts to RapRadar.


Anonymous said...

this is so fuckin sad. pathetic. this nigga went in on a fuckin WOMAN. a motherfuckin WOMAN. how gay is that shit? and to make things worse, this nigga started the "fight" from 2004...just b/c the bitch said they weren't dating. nigga, are u for real? u got ur feelings hurt b/c the bitch ain't claim u? REALLY?!?!? so this is cool now? talkin bout how ur pipe game ain't worth shit? and calling out HER name when she went outta her way to make sure the whole world knew she wasn't talking about you? even though we know the deal....nigga, you do look OBSESSED. you look like a fuckin lame. straight goods. you're pathetic. what kind of REAL man holds on to fuckin pictures & VMs from 5 years ago? u a bitch. you a fuckin bitch. period. and you dumb fuck....she's making $$$ off calling your ass out (indirectly). what is this 'leaked' song gonna get u? respect? what u gon' buy with that? what da fuck are u gonna buy with all these "5 stars"? u fuckin lame. she was right. this ain't shit but a fuckin conversation. and any other nigga in here supporting u, ain't worth shit. straight goods. a fuckin' WOMAN nigga? REALLY??? learn to fuck so the next girl won't deny your whack ass either.

khal said...

your comment is hypocritical. you're mad at Eminem for bringing up old shit, essentially, when her latest single is - you guessed it - bringing up old shit, from the lyrics to the video! come on, b.

sub_baseline said...

Em is a fuckin dope rapper, I wish his singles were as badass as this.

He goes to TOWN!

Unknown said...

This is em dissing himself... isn't that pathetic givin out info that i didn't really care to hear... im dissing myself so that means im dissing you? no em it dosen't it makes u look stupid... 1.hanging around 6months and only hitting once SHES NOT THAT INTO U LMAO u preme U. so what u got nudes post them then ur mad cause she said she wasn't seening u are u kidding me... cant remember who but didn't some rappers get into it over that in a loby of a hotel or something a while ago can't remember who like all beef in one ear out the other. http://www.myspace.com/southsidewest

Capt. said...

This is Awesome. She brought this upon herself and she has no one to blame but her self. Eminem doesn't care what is said as long as it is the truth. She is lying about everything they did or had together is why he is so pissed and has every right to be. He is telling it all and is in no way dissin himself.

Nick Cannon is a little biotch. Lmao Was he the dude in the Obsessed video? lol

Chris "Sour Patch Kid" Siegfried said...

Dude this single was frickn badass. This reminds me of his older stuff which was hella good. im not saying his new stuff isnt good either but his older stuff definately had more to it and i agree with Capt. She brought this on herself. all i gota say is i wouldnt single eminem out, cuz you know whats gona happen lol

Anonymous said...

What a joke, you`re denying Em`s talent. A women? It`s the fcuking music industry. You stand up to Em he`s gonna` sit you back down. He disses everyone, what you have to realise is that he`s not going to make a thousand songs until her gets a reaction, he`s not after a reaction. But when you go "all balls out" and make a video clip even? Then you`re going to get a "warning". Face it, this shit is good. FACT.

Anonymous said...

To the first anon drop kick that posted.

You're a fucking retard. You can't even pull off a sentence that makes any sense. You don't even understand the point of the song. Let alone music in general. It's a way for Shady to express himself. If someone dissed and spread lies about you, I betcha you would retaliate.

Fools like you should just shut the fuck up, keep their opinions to themselves.

Gansta wannabe faggot.