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Corey Black "Finger In My Nose"

Corey Black "Finger In My Nose" [clean \ dirty \ instr.]: Shouts to Tech Supreme for hitting me with this. It's taken from Corey's Blackout EP. You can check out Corey Black and more artists from St. Louis over at irepstl.com. I told you guys last night, there's some shit in the water over in the Lou.


Anonymous said...

I totally support St. Louis artists, but why in the world would a grown man want to be known for sticking his finger in his nose? What happened to real hip hop that had relevant lyrics and didn't rely on a gimmick to become popular? The fact that St. Louis is supporting this mess is appalling.

Corey said...

I don't mind being known for sticking my finger in my nose. I'm known for being a killer thanx to the Marine Corps. I'm known for being a nigger thanx to slavery. I'm known for being silly thanx to comedians. If you listen(really listen) to the lyrics, they are relevant and metaphorical, just like "normal" hip-hop Anonymous. The best part of the song is " My finger in my nose means 'you can shut the fuck up'"...-Corey Black

Anonymous said...

I'm a non appalled STLouisan and I approve this message... It isn't demeaning or shameful, its fun… I support all freedoms of expression whether I would have written or performed those same lyrics myself or not... I happen to be a fan of you Corey Black, and an anti fan of opinionated non doers who know nothing about how hard it is to share yourself on such a large platform… Kels