DeeJay Tone & Has-Lo "Breezin'"

DeeJay Tone & Has-Lo "Breezin'": Hah! You cratediggers and lovers of grooves should know this sample already. Kind of crazy - its so rainy in the Northeast, but this track feels like proper Spring sunshine. This is taken from the two-track EP that Tone and Has threw up on Bandcamp, and I recommend grabbing it. Not just b/c its free, but there's nothing like vintage samples linking up with dope lyrics inna Hip-Hop meltdown. Stream below.

<a href="">Breezin' by Has-Lo</a>

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One Response to “DeeJay Tone & Has-Lo "Breezin'"”

Daniel Joseph said...

I just did a show with this dude the other day, he definitely got some ish!