Jett I. Masstyr Me & Phyllis Forever

Here's a beattape that hasHBrown's producer alias cooked up as a tribute to Phyllis Hyman. This is a beat tape that my mom would fuck with. Hit the jump for download link and the tracklist.



1. Another Star
2. Magic
3. Can't Pretend Love
4. In My Soul
5. Music Is My Life
6. Heavenly
7. Alot More
8. Free Yourself
9. Some Way
10. Confusion
11. The Power
12. Never Say Never

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4 Responses to “Jett I. Masstyr Me & Phyllis Forever

Rob Jay said...

Dope stuff, Jetti is nice with those samples

Black Rose said...

Good shit. Got it rockin in the car. Next to VOT.

FAT TONY said...

My nigga.

We are all HYPOCRITES!! said...

Another amazing work of art from a great artist....Keep it up Hash/Jett I./Ryan!