Friday, November 12, 2010

King Crunk x DJ Hipnotikk

I had no idea who King Crunk was until DJ Hipnotikk put me on, but their site design is kind of fly. KC was nice enough to feature this HOODLUM affiliate, and Hip reciprocated by dropping off an exclusive mix and an exclusive release, Hipnotikk's Ludacris-remixing Get Back EP. Check out the interview HERE!

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk - King Crunk Exclusive Mix
DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk Get Back EP


KING CRUNK said...

Yo pimp, it's King Crunk aka DJ Harley. Thanks for spreadin' the word about the site.

I'm pumped that you dig the site design. I'm a graphic designer by day so I've put lots of work into makin the site look as dope as possible. There's lots of awesome features on there like custom fonts, custom Soundcloud players and javascript effects. I just added a fly new thing called "PLAYLISTS" that you gotta see -->