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M@rv3lou$ Spare Change

I feel like I've been waiting for this for a minute, as long as M@rv3lou$ has been hyping this on twitter. He's one of those niggas who I met on twitter and surprised me enough to chart his progress. Dude has the confidence, and is doing his thing on the pad and the beats. This tape showcases his talents, blending more club/chart friendly joints like "Take Your Shirt Off" with a bunch of harder shit, like the heavyweight "I Don't Give A Phyuck". That's how it goes in 2010, though - young niggas don't give a fuck about who you are and how long you been at it. They know they have something to say, are here now and will eat your food, early. Better watch out - they know the game and all they want is someone to listen. Well, not really - these niggas will do what they do regardless, but the end result is acceptance worldwide. I'm not mad.

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