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Good BIZ Soul Proprietor

The good folk over at Good BIZ are more than just a burgeoning Music Group and company - they are still artists at the core! We got their ill "I'm Ready" remix a few months back, but I had no idea this was part of a proper Remix EP, with GDBZ providing their takes on tracks from Dwele, Tamia, Goapele, Sade and more. Six good cuts from 3 talented individuals. Download this EP, then hit the jump for their take on what you find here...

DOWNLOAD Good BIZ Soul Proprietor

This Free 6 song well orchestrated masterpiece of music reconstructed by this up and coming trio is defiantly worth investing some time into listening to. All songs selected by Good BIZ (GDBZ) comes directly from their personal collection and allows the world to become familiar with their point of view on topics set up by these world famous and talented artist.

Beginning with Detroit native Dwele, GDBZ lends their skills and discusses the topic of LOVE and defiantly expresses their confidence in knowing the best LOVE is "Right Here". Followed up with "Missing You" with Tamia, they show that being humble and truthful is much more applicable to life than being boastful or deceitful. The always timeless Sade and GDBZ capture the undeniable emotion and understanding of the fine line between Love and Hate. This project half way through is a clear reminder of how the fusion of old and new can end up being a breath of fresh air. GDBZ does the un-thinkable thanks to Alicia Keys setting up the platform for this ever to familiar scenario called LIFE. Experience the struggles of life visually with this GMC production !!!

Being that 2/3rds of GDBZ are Northwest natives doing a track with the amazing Choklate was a easy selection to make. With the song entitled "Long Way" you can with ease feel the passion and power in words along with diligence and keeping focused on their path. Speaking of keeping focused and true to their path GDBZ finishes this audio gift an all time favorite "Closer" with Goapele. They take you from the stress of the day into the dream world and are grateful for the opportunity to express their love and gratitude to family and music.

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