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Thelonious Martin Player 2

Following the brilliance that is 1up, Martin drops this new beat tape, Player 2, which has me thinking about how much time I spent playing games dolo as a child. Being an only child, and not having cousins close, but loving video games, I spent a lot of time playing these games by myself, with the flashing PLAYER 2 shit on the right hand side of the screen. Oddly enough, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to music by myself, too. Most of the time, I was listening to music WHILE playing games, alone. Method Man’s first album was the soundtrack to Sonic 3 for a while. Anyways, one of the nicer producers who doesn’t get as much shine as I’d like him to drops another fine one, preceding the release of his Dope Couture mixtape. For now, grab a friend and make some memories to this beat tape right here. It’s well worth it.

DOWNLOAD Thelonious Martin Player 2


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