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Sene & J57 eye don't dream...but i do Sampler

Sene and J57 have been parts of some dope shit in 2010. For a while, the only shit I heard from J was Sene leaks. Strong artists in their own right, it looks like they smartened up and decided "hey, why don't we make some shit together?", and out comes eye don't dream...but i do. Well, this sampler is what we have, so far, but, so far, we have some fucking heat. Intriguing samples build beautiful beats that lay foundations for introspective lyrics and witty lines. I mean, this is good Hip-Hop, and I guess that's why the good folks at Okayplayer got on board. Who knows, I sure don't. I still wanna fight J57, but that's for another day. 40 ounce to the skull piece just for living.

Yeah. Sample this, then be on the look for that.

DOWNLOAD Sene & J57 eye don't dream...but i do Sampler


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