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2 Hungry Bros. x Dub MD Open Buffet!

Being the nerd that I am, I fucks with Hip-Hop and the sounds that influence the genre. 2 Hungry Bros., a pair of producers who dig in crates and use their finds to educate and create some fucking dope music. Dub MD recognized that, and has been working with them on the very project you see here. Just in time for Thanksgiving, 2HB got some delicious treats for your fatboy Hip-Hop hunger pangs, with MCs like 8th W1, P.SO, Fresh Daily, YC The Cynic, Homeboy Sandman, and plenty of chefs for this dinner. Full plate it up, bitch.

DOWNLOAD 2 Hungry Bros. x Dub MD Open Buffet!


01.) The Download Song (feat. Señor Kaos)
02.) Kill To Kill (feat. I Am Many)
03.) Tithes At A Eulogy (feat. Likwuid)
04.) Good Question (feat. Señor Kaos)
05.) Mouthin' Off (feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily)
06.) Fall Forward (Remix) (feat. YC The Cynic, 8thW1 & P.SO)
07.) Don't Say (feat. Janelle Renee & Homeboy Sandman)
08.) Kick 'N' A Snare (feat. Señor Kaos)
09.) What You Know (feat. P.SO, Homeboy Sandman & Likwuid)
10.) Is It True (feat. Señor Kaos)
11.) I AM (feat. 8thW1)
12.) Rabbit Punch (Part 2) (feat. P.SO & Fresh Daily)
13.) Gimmie Mine (feat. I Am Many)

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